Ruxseedloader -- An XCCDF Document Loader

This project provides the foundation for processing XCCDF documents (this project implements the 1.1.4 specification). XCCDF is an XML document format for checklists supporting the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). Loading is a pre-requisite to all the document processing models, except perhaps some transformations. It has 6 different phases:
  1. Loading.Import
  2. Loading.Noticing
  3. Loading.Resolve.Items
  4. Loading.Resolve.Profiles
  5. Loading.Resolve.Abstract
  6. Loading.Resolve.Finalize
The most difficult to get right are those related to Item and Profile extension. The project uses Ruby's ReXML to parse the XML, and then modifies the tree as required. It then returns the modified ("loaded") benchmark, as an ReXML tree, to the caller. In that sense, this code could be viewed as a Ruby library to support XCCDF document processing. The code uses the following classes:
class diagram

The following error types are defined:
class diagram for error types

The project also has test XCCDF documents exercising the various loading features.

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